The ES ("Exchange System" or "Sistema Di Interscambio" in Italian) is one of the main novelty introduced by the law concerning e-invoicing. It works as a means to send your invoice to your customer via a certified channel that validates the data connected to the transaction.

The ES is capable of:

  • receiving invoices in the form of files with the characteristics of the FatturaPA,
  • carrying out checks on the files received,
  • forwarding invoices to the addressee Administrations.

The ES has no administrative role and does not perform any task relating to archiving nor storing invoices, but just checks the validity of an invoice sent.

It belongs to the Italian Tax Authority and follows the requirements issued by Sogei.

The procedure of sending e-invocies to the ES is quite complex and requires technical skills within the company; this is why the regulation on e-invoices allows third parties such as Finom to support businesses in connecting to the ES.

In Finom you will be able to send your e-invoices to the ES effortless and with no need of technical skills.


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