The Digital Signature is the digital equivalent of an handmade signature and has the same legal validity.

It can be appointed on any file, and it has been created in order to simplify the exchange of documentation with the Public Administration (PA) and customers because it attests:

  1. the identity of the signee;
  2. the integrity of the document, because the file can't be modified;
  3. the legal validity of the document signed, as the file signed would

From the 1st of January 2019 it is mandatory to digitally sign e-invoices sent to the PA, while it is optional in case of transaction between businesses.

Finom makes use of its partner, DOCUMI, which can act on the behalf of the customer in order to digitally sign the e-invoices to send them to the PA, effortless and without the need of external devices or struggling processes.

You can activate this service when sending your first e-invoice, try it now and tell us your experience!


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