Finom gives you direct access to all the invoices you have sent and received, directly on your dashboard.

In the section "Money In" you can find the list of invoices you have created or sent.

By clicking on the single invoice you can see all the details of the invoice you have sent, track its history, and eventually mark it as paid.

To find the invoices that you have received, just click on the section "Money out".

When you have one or more unread invoices, you will find a small number close to "Money out" that tells you how many new invoices you have in your inbox.

Invoices are organized by the expiration date on your dashboard. Also, all of the invoices are divided by the status "Paid" or "Unpaid". The invoices that haven't been paid yet are displayed in the upper part of the screen, while "Paid" invoices are displayed in the history section.

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