Conservation of invoices can be provided in Italy only by certified providers, that is why Finom has decided to partner with DOCUMI and use their great YouDox product for the storage of your documentation.

Documi is a certified provider of conservation services by the Italian Agency for digitalization (Agenzia per l'Italia Digitale); you can check its certification at the link

You can activate the conservation service when sending your first e-invoice; just go on your invoice page and then click on "send an e-invoice"

At your first e-invoice, a new page will pop up showing you the T&C of YouDox service

By accepting the terms of YouDox, you are giving mandate to Documi to act on your behalf in the process of digital signature and in conservation. You will just need to scroll and read the terms of the service and that will be activated without the need of further actions! 

From now on, all of your invoices will be signed and preserved in compliance with regulation.

Try it and tell us your experience!


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