When you need to send an invoice to a new customer, Finom gives you the possibility to saving the main data of your new customers by adding only his company name or VAT code on the invoice you shall send to him; this approach will allow you to reduce any risk of mistake or the need of requesting the full information; the new data will be saved for future transactions.

When creating a new invoice, just click on the button "NEW CUSTOMER" in the section "Send to":

A new window will appear that will allow you to add data on your customer. 

Finom platform is connected to a database that contains data on all active companies operating in Europe, that is why by just adding the company name or VAT code, you will be able to automatically fill the invoice without making any mistakes.

Try adding the business name of your customer, the system will provide you with the complete list of companies working in the territory selected. Chose the right one, and the other fields will be automatically filled in.

When saving, you are ready to add the details of the transaction and send it to your customer!

We remind you that in order to send an e-invoice and successfully connect to the Exchange System, you will need the destination code of the customer. Unfortunately, this code can be given only by him.

Try it now and tell us your experience!


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