Before sending your first invoice with Finom, we are asking you to provide us with information about the person responsible for the conservation of the invoices: a person within your company who is responsible for monitoring and implementing the overall policies of the conservation system.

According to the regulation, companies' invoices should be organized and stored in a "digital archive", from which they could be requested by the authorities.

Stored invoices should meet the following requirements:

  1. Integrity: the ability of a document to remain complete and unaltered with respect to its origin, without having undergone unauthorized changes;

  2. Authenticity: guarantee that the document is authentic, that it is exactly what it claims to be, without having undergone alterations or subsequent modifications;

  3. Readability: is the quality that concerns the good conservation and usability of the invoice from the time of issue until the end of the storage period;

  4. Reliability: refers to the level of trust that the reader of the document places in the electronic document;

  5. Availability: the ability to find and view the electronic document in an integral, authentic, legible, and reliable manner upon request.

The conservation period lasts for 10 years and can be guaranteed also by third party providers, that satisfy technical requirements. In the case of Finom, this service is guaranteed by Documi.

Documi is an Italian certified company that can provide all the fundamental parameters mentioned above, that define the originality of the document, for the whole period of obligatory conservation.

The conservation service provided by Documi is free of charge, and it activates automatically after sending your first e-invoice.

Once finished creating your first invoice, click on the button "Send document" and then "Send e-invoice". The system will then ask you to fill in the information about the person responsible for the conservation of the invoices. Once complete press "Activate".

Finom, together with our partner Documi, will be responsible for the conservation services and guarantee compliance with the rules, however the client must indicate the person that will be responsible for conservation at the moment of the activation of e-invoicing. We invite you to read our Terms and Conditions and contact us, in case you have any doubts. You can contact us directly via live chat icon in the bottom right corner of the screen or emailing us to [email protected].

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