The registration- and verification process consists of 5 stages:

Stage 1: Add info about your business

Stage 2: Check company details

Stage 3: Declare owners and representatives

Stage 4: Verify identities

Stage 5: Complete application

There is no need to open each of these blocks separately, Instead, you will be redirected to the next one automatically as soon as the previous one is completed.

When completing each stage, you will always be given the opportunity to go back to the previous block at any time during the process if you need to edit or amend some information.

Stage 1.

Step 1. Enter the name of your company and click continue.

Stage 2.

Step 2. You will then be redirected to the main dashboard, where in the middle of the page you will see a list of four actions you must complete in order to open an account.

Note: once you have successfully completed a step, the next step will only then become available for you to begin. You will be redirected to the next step automatically, avoiding having to return to the main dashboard to progress manually.

Step 3. Once you select "Check company details", you will be redirected to the screen where you should carefully check all your business information, and confirm it is correct by selecting "Continue".

Step 4. You will then be asked to choose which industry your business belongs to from the drop-down list provided, and to also add a short description in the section "Business purpose". Once complete, click on "Continue" to proceed.

Note: at the top of the page you can see where you are on each of the steps in order to track your progress.

Step 5. Here you should upload foundation documents. The list of allowed documents you can see on this screen. To add the document click on the button "+Upload document". Choose the document from your PC. Once uploaded, you'll have the possibility to add more documents and click on continue, if you don't have other documents to upload.

Note: after you've uploaded the document you have the possibility to remove it and attach another one.

To remove the document click on the recycle bin on the right side of the document's tab.

Step 6. Begin typing your address into the field, and it should then present you with a list of addresses to choose from. If you choose an address from the list presented, all fields will populate automatically.

Please review it carefully and click on "Continue" if correct.

Stage 3.

Step 7. The "Check company details" step has now been completed. You will then be redirected to the next step, "Declare business members"

First, confirm if you are a legal representative, and if so, continue with Step 8.

If you are not a legal representative, you will then be redirected to Step 7a.

Step 7a. If you are not a legal representative, you will be advised that a legal representative can only open a business account for the company.

Step 8. If you are the only legal representative, then confirm your name and click on "Continue" to proceed to Step 9. You also have the option to add one more legal representative for your company by selecting "+ADD LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE" (Steps 8a-8b).

Step 8a. After you select the option to "+ADD LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE" a small window will pop-up asking you to enter the First and Last name of other legal representative. Once entered, then select the button "Add" to proceed.

Step 8b. Once completed, you will then be presented with the Legal representatives screen. Here you will be able to view your name, and also the newly added person. You will also have the option to delete a legal representative from here if needed, or continue to add another representative.

Step 9. You can choose beneficial owner(s) from the list presented (if so, continue with Step 10), or you can also add additional Beneficial Owners by clicking on "ADD BENEFICIAL OWNER" (Steps 9a)

Step 9a. By clicking on "ADD BENEFICIAL OWNER" the below window will appear where you can add all the necessary information and click on "Add" once completed.

Note: the date of birth field is set with the below date by default, please enter the correct one instead.

Step 10. Here, by selecting on the name of each owner, you will be asked to enter the percentage of voting shares each person has within the company. Once completed, click on "Continue" to proceed.

*Note: here you should enter a person who:

  • owns more than 25% of the company’s shares directly, or by the ownership of shares in the parent company;

  • has more than 25% of the total voting rights;

  • can express control over a managing board and makes important decisions for a company.*

Step 11. Next, you will asked to confirm if any of the owners and representatives in your company are taxpayers or citizens of the USA. If NO, continue with Step 12, if YES you will be forwarded to step 11a.

Step 11a. You will be redirected to a message informing you that we cannot open an account for you because of the FATCA agreement.

Step 12. Finally, you will be asked to accept legal conditions. Tick all three checkboxes, and then select the button "Agree and accept" to complete and progress to the next block.

Stage 4.

Step 13. Here, you will be asked to verify the information of all legal representatives for Video Identification. Click on the first member (if multiple) to confirm the personal details.

Step 14. If all data is correct, click on "Continue"

Step 15. Next you will be prompted to enter the personal address of that person. Click on "Confirm" once complete.

Step 16. Here you will then need to enter the email address of the person who will go through the identification process, in order for them to receive the personal link to access the identification chat.

Once complete, click on "Send link & Continue"

Step 17. You will then return to the previous screen allowing you to follow the same steps for any additional legal representatives.

Here, you can also see whether your colleague has already started the process of identification or not.

Note 1: When you check your personal data, you will see two additional fields. One in your personal data, where you can verify your phone number. This will be used to send you confirmation codes for any actions you make in your account.

Once you enter your phone number, a confirmation code will be sent to your phone, which you will enter into the relevant field.

If verification was successful, a green tick will appear in the field.

The second part of phone verification will be completed during the verification chat.

Note 2: Next you will be asked to confirm your address. Here you have the option to either add your personal address, or use your business address instead. (The below example has selected to use business address)

Note 3: When starting your personal video identification you will see the following screen. Click on "Continue & start Identification" and you will then be redirected to the webpage of IDnow - our partner for identification processes.

Stage 5.

Step 18. You will now set up your profile, and will be asked to choose your tariff plan. By clicking on "compare plans" it can help you make the best decision for what suits you, and your business.

Step 19. As a next step, we give you the opportunity to order a virtual and/or physical card.

Step 20. We are almost done! You will then be recommended to install our mobile app. Click on "Send a link to my phone" to download and continue installing our app.

Step 21. You will then be redirected back to the main dashboard. Once the verification process is completed, (it should take no more than 48 hours) you can start using all the features we offer you! As soon as all checks are done, we'll notify you via email and with notification in the app.

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