At Finom you can start opening an account even for a company that is currently being registered.

1. First, you have to choose the country in which your company will be registered and select the legal status of your company.

2. Then you have to enter the name of your future company.

3. We will ask you if you need a Certificate of Capital Deposit.

If so, you can find more details in this article

If not, continue with step 4.

4. You will be redirected to the "FINOMenality" page.

Choose "Open now" to activate the process.

5. Firstly, complete the required business information, and then click on "Continue" to proceed.

6. Next, you need to confirm that you will be a legal representative of the company.

If yes, continue with step 7.

If you are not a legal representative, you will be redirected to step 6a.

6a. If you are not a legal representative, you will not be allowed to open a business account for the company.

7. On the next page, the list of beneficiaries to be selected will be displayed.

You can add beneficial owners by pressing "ADD ANOTHER BENEFIICIAL OWNER".

If you press "ADD ANOTHER BENEFIICIAL OWNER", a window where you can add all the necessary information will appear. Press "Add" when finished.

8. Next, you will need to confirm whether any of the beneficiaries of your business are taxpayers or US citizens.

If NO, go to step 9, if YES you will be redirected to step 8a.

8a. You will be redirected to a message informing you that we cannot open an account for you due to US tax laws.

9. Here you will need to check the details of all beneficiaries.

Choose the first member (the owner) to confirm the personal details.

Enter the first name, last name (exactly as on the ID document), date of birth, place of birth and country, as well as your tax information (country of tax residence and TIN number).

The TIN number is the Tax Identification Number. You can find it on personal identification documents or tax forms. It is also possible to find your tax number on a pre-filled tax return. It can be found in the top left-hand corner in the box "Your identifiers for declaring your taxes on impô".

10. Next, we will ask you to confirm the address. Here you have the option of adding your personal address or using your business address instead.

11. Only the company owner needs to go through the Liveness identity verification process.

It is highly recommended that you complete this step from a mobile phone for a better experience.

You will receive a link via a text message sent to your mobile phone

12. The identity verification process consists of two steps:

  • Video of your ID

  • Video of your face

You can find details and tips on the Liveness ID verification process in this article

13. Verify the identities of beneficial owners.

14. For beneficial owners, you must select one of the two documents below to upload.

Note: only one document with personal data is needed. If this document is not European, then an international passport will suffice in this case.

15. You will see a window where you can choose how to add the photo.

16. If you prefer to upload the photo, you will be given instructions on how to take a good quality photo. Press "Upload Photo" to select the image on your computer or phone. When finished, press "Confirm" to continue.

17. You will be prompted to verify the personal details and address of your associate.

18. You will need to choose your tariff plan. The system automatically suggests a plan, but you can change it by pressing the "Change plan" button below.

By clicking on "Compare plans" you can see all the details and choose the best option for you.

19. You will then be asked to sign the contract. Press the " Agree and Accept " button to finish.

20. You will then be redirected to the main page of your client space. You can complete the account opening process once you receive your KBIS

21. If you have your KBIS, click on "I have KBIS at hand".

You will then be asked to download the KBIS extract. Press "Upload" to select the file from your computer or phone; you can also drag and drop the file onto this page. When finished, press "Continue".

The only document format accepted by Treezor is PDF.

You will also be asked to fill in the fields "Share capital" and "Date of registration".

22. You will be redirected to the window where you have to fill in all the information about your company and confirm that it is correct by pressing "Continue".

Note: the fields "Type of organization", "Legal category code", "Annual revenue", "Number of employees", "NAF code" are mandatory.

23. Next, download the Articles of Association, following the same process as above.

The document must be dated and signed by all parties.

The only document format accepted by Treezor is PDF.

24. You will then be redirected to the main page of your client space. Once the verification is complete (it should not take more than 72 hours), you can start using all our features! As soon as all verifications are completed, we will inform you by email and with a notification in the application.

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