What is a Chargeback?

A chargeback is a charge that is returned to a payment card after a customer successfully disputes an item on their account statement or transactions report. Some examples of when this may be required;

  • The payment initially failed, but later was applied to your account, or you were charged twice for the same product;

  • The goods that you purchased were not delivered to you, were counterfeit, or were not as described;

  • You see a transaction you do not recognise on your account, which you did not authorise.

How can you attempt to resolve the situation yourself?

If you have found yourself in one of these situations, you can contact our Customer Care team who will look into this for you, and create a request to dispute this charge on your behalf.

Please note, that before you contact us, we recommend you to first complete the below steps in advance:

  • In the event you do not recognise a certain transaction, take some time to investigate this yourself, by asking all persons who have authorisation to use your account if they are aware of the transaction in question. You can also search the transaction name online as in some cases, the name that appears on your statement, may not match with the actual merchant name. In a lot of cases, it is very easy to forget where you used your card, especially if you have a lot of transactions from that account.

  • Contact the merchant responsible for applying this charge, in order to attempt to resolve this issue by obtaining a refund directly from them. This is normally the fastest method of getting your money back.

  • If it is a recurring charge that you have cancelled, please check to ensure you cancelled the product or service within the timeframe required, as per your agreement.

Requesting a Chargeback

If none of the above steps help solve the issue, you can contact our Customer Care team, and one of our specialists will ask you some questions to make sure we fully understand the situation, so we can take the correct course of action.

If we go ahead and process a Chargeback request, we may ask you to provide us with some evidence to support your claim. For example:

  • Invoice you received from the merchant

  • Evidence that you made an attempt to communicate and resolve the issue with the merchant, but was unsuccessful.

  • Photos of the goods (if received not as described)

  • Other forms of evidence relating to a certain situation or circumstance

This is required to prevent Chargebacks being requested by cardholders to claim refunds for legitimate transactions. Also, the more evidence you can provide, the greater chance you have of winning the dispute and receiving your money back.

Once we have all relevant information, we will submit your request and represent the case on your behalf, together with our partner bank. Your card network (Visa or Mastercard) will then decide whether to support or decline your chargeback request, once they allow the merchant sufficient time to challenge the dispute.

How much time can a Chargeback request take?

You can request a Chargeback up to 120 calendar days from the date the transaction was made, or from the agreed delivery date of your goods that you never received.

Once the chargeback is raised, it will be processed by your card network, which would be 30 calendar days for VISA transactions, and 45 calendar days for Mastercard transactions.

Our customer care team will notify you when an outcome has been reached regarding your dispute.

You can contact our Customer Care team if you have any further questions.

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