We can open an account for self-employed people, companies, and companies under registration.

Self-employed persons cannot act as entrepreneurs. Despite the fact that they are engaged in entrepreneurial activities, self-employed people do so as natural (physical) persons, not legal entities. When starting registration they can choose the option "I'm a Freelancer".

As for companies, the supported legal forms are currently limited to German only. We can only open an account for the legal forms below:

  • AG

  • eK

  • eG

  • GmbH

  • GbR

  • KG

  • KGaA

  • OHG

  • PartG

  • UG

  • GmbH & Co KG

We can also onboard businesses in the process of being incorporated ('in Gründung'), such as GmbH i.G. and UG i.G. If the user wants to open a business account for the company which is still under registration but with another legal form (not GmbH i.G. or UG i.G.), s/he can specify the form, and we will check with SolarisBank, if it would be possible.

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