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I'm in Germany or Italy - Is my money protected?
I'm in Germany or Italy - Is my money protected?
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The safety and protection of the funds you have with Finom is ensured by two main factors:

  1. Reliable partners

  2. Guarantee deposit

Who are our partners?

To assure high standards of service, security, and efficiency, Finom chose the license very carefully and enters the market in Germany and Italy with the support of Solarisbank.

Solarisbank is certified and approved by BaFin and ACPR in providing a banking solution.

Is my money safe with Finom?

Your money will be in a guaranteed safe place with Finom. Not only do we assure the highest level of security for your money, your Finom business Account is also subjected to the Guaranteed Deposit. This means that your money is secured by the European Deposit Guarantee Fund in case of insolvency up to the amount of €100,000. This is the standard for all European Union credit institutions.

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