If you want to take advantage of Finom's referral program, you can start using it right from your account by clicking on the "Invite friends".

You will then be redirected to the page where you can see what type of rewards you can earn. The reward rules depend on the country your company is registered in.
You can find more information about "Referral rewards program" in the FAQs on our website and in Reward Rules.

On the same page you'll find a link to share with your friends and possible ways to do it. You can share the link via e-mail, WhatsApp, Telegram, Tweeter or Facebook by clicking on one of the icons. However, you can also simply copy the link itself, and share via any other method. There are no limits to how many people can use this link, so you can send the link to all your friends and business partners.

How to collect the prize?

You can transfer any rewards you receive directly to your Finom business account.

If you use our Invoicing only plan, we will use that bonus reward as payment for our invoicing services automatically.

Where to check rewards?

You can check your rewards amount on the bottom of the same page:

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