To get the IBAN of your Finom Business Account (main wallet), you have to firstly log into your account and go to the "Money" section on your dashboard.

Right below your total balance, you will find a small section with the name of the wallet and the related balance. Click on this.

This will then take you to the page dedicated to your main wallet. Here you have two options to get your IBAN:

1. The IBAN will be shown right below the balance, and you can use the copy button to use it.

2. You can click on the "Details" section right below the first widget and check full details about your wallet, including the IBAN. Also in this case you will have the chance to use the copy button to get it.

As you know, with Finom you can create multiple wallets and each wallet will have its IBAN.

To get the IBAN of a specific wallet, the procedure is the same, but you will have to select from the list the wallet you need.

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