Finom customers are rewarded with cashback on most transactions when they use Finom physical and virtual cards. The amount of cashback depends on the type of plan you have, and varies from between 0,10% to 0,30%. To find out the amount of cashback for your plan please visit our pricing page. Cashback earned can be transferred to your main wallet, and in the following paragraphs, we will explain to you how to do this.

Also, there are several rules on how cashback can be earned:

  1. Maximum amount of cashback that can be earned per month depends on your pricing plan and varies from 10 to 100 EUR. Cashback beyond this amount won't be accumulated.

  2. There are several types of operations, that you won't be rewarded for such as withdrawals and transfers between accounts.

  3. There is a minimum amount of cashback that you can transfer to your wallet - 1 EUR.

How can you transfer cashback to your wallet?

From your main dashboard click on the name of your company in the top right-hand corner, and choose "Settings" from the drop-down menu.

On the next page find "Cashback" in the left column, and click on it.

Here you will find information about the amount of cashback you have already accumulated, and the percentage of cashback being earned with each card purchase.

If you want to transfer this cashback to your wallet click on the button "Get cashback".

This transaction will then appear on your main dashboard (to return back to it click on Finom logo in the top left corner). To view the details you can click on the transaction.

You will then see the page with transaction details.

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