With Finom you can access your card details directly from your dashboard, whenever you need it. To do this, click on the Cards section, and then select the card you would like to view.

From here, click on the pink button "Card details", right under the card balance, to reveal the hidden details of this card.

As soon as you've clicked it, you will be asked to insert the one time password (OTP) to confirm your identity, in order to gain access to the card details. You will receive the 6 digits OTP on your Finom app, so make sure to have your mobile phone with you.

If the OTP you've entered is correct, your card will spin, and you will be able to see full details of your card. You will have 60 seconds to check it.

If you want to hide the card details before the 60 seconds expire, you can click on the button "Hide details". The card will immediately spin again, and the details will be hidden immediately.

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