The limit of your card depends on which plan you chose when you opened your Finom Business Account.

If you want to compare the available plans, please visit this dedicated page.

However, depending on the limit for your plan, you can also set your limits for each card you have. This can be a useful feature if, for example, you issue a card for one of your employee, and you want to monitor/limit their expenses.

To set up custom limits for each card, you first need to select the card in question from the Cards section, which you can access from your main dashboard.

Next, click on "Limits".

From here, in the card limits section, you will find the summary of your current limits, and of the amount already spent. To change these limits, first click on the limit amounts highlighted in blue.

By clicking on the amount, you will have access to the options required to update the limits.

To confirm the change, we will send a code through your Finom app. Insert the 6-digit code as shown below to confirm the change.

The same actions can be applied for cash withdrawal limits.

The ATM limits can be blocked by turning off the switcher Cash withdrawals or setting the Monthly limit at the Cash withdrawal section to zero.

Remember: the limit you choose must be within the maximum amount allowed by your plan. Free withdrawals could not be changed manually, it can be changed only by applying a new pricing plan.

Congratulations! You've successfully changed the limits.

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