When you receive a payment for an invoice to your Finom bank account, the transaction will match automatically with the invoice. If you receive your payment to another bank account or in cash, you will need to mark the invoice as paid manually.

To complete this, first find the invoice in the "Document" section that you have received a payment for on your main dashboard and click on it.

You will see the page with invoice details. To the right-hand side, find the button "Add payment" and click on it.

In the new window, choose a transaction from the list, or click on "Mark as paid" to add the payment manually.

Here, you can modify the payment type, date, and amount. You can also add a partial payment to the invoice.

Once completed, press "Save". Your invoice will change the status, and the payment will be displayed in the right-hand corner. Click on the payment to review or modify it.

Once paid, your invoice will be displayed on your dashboard in the "Documents" section with the updated status:

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