With Finom you can use our tag feature to categorise your transactions. To start adding tags to your transactions, first click on the transaction you want from your dashboard.

Now you are in your transaction page. Here click on "Add tag" in the block under the proof of payment.

After clicking on "Add tag" you can choose a tag from the dropdown list, or you can create your own personalised tag.

The tag you've selected will then be displayed in the block under the proof of payment. Here, if you want, you can also add more tags, by clicking on "Add tag" once again.

You can always remove a tag from your transaction by clicking on the tag, and then on the red x as shown below.

Tags are useful to categorise your transactions, and also to find them faster. Indeed, from your Finom main dashboard, you can click on the tag option, select from the list of tags you prefer, and display only the flagged transactions.

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