Quick and easy via our DATEV integration!

Under the Payment Services Directive II (PSD2), you can grant access to third-party applications to your transaction data.

To do this for your Finom transaction data, you’ll first need to register for your SolarisBank credentials to “claim” your bank account.

Once you’ve completed this registration, you can use your credentials to connect to many third-party applications and accounting tools.

The whole process should take about 15-20 minutes. You’ll need to know your Finom IBAN and have your registered mobile phone to hand. Follow the steps below to connect your account with DATEV:

  1. Set up my.solarisbank.de credentials.

  2. Connect your Finom account with DATEV.

  3. Initiate the sync of your transactions.

Set up my.solarisbank credentials.

Register for my.solarisbank.de

Navigate to my.solarisbank.de and click on “Register”. You will only need to register once. Afterwards, you can use these credentials to connect to all available third-parties.

Enter your email address and your phone number and click on “Register”.

Verify my.solarisbank account.

You'll get an e-mail from solarisBank with the temporary login and the next instructions, which will offer you to log in and create a new password:

Connect your Finom account. Once you’ve registered, connect my.solarisBank account with your Finom IBAN and the mobile number linked to your account in Finom:

Verification via TAN. For the safety of your Finom account, there is a 2-step-authentication process. Confirm that it’s really you trying to connect your account with my.solarisbank with a TAN. You'll get a message to your phone with the TAN which you have to enter on the next screen:

Verify your Finom account. Now verify that you have access to the account. You will need to enter the code that appears in the description of the €0.00 test transaction from solarisBank. The transaction usually arrives in a matter of minutes. Kindly note that you will not see this transaction on your dashboard, it's only available in the statement. So, we kindly advise you to wait a few minutes and then download the statement for the current month, where you'll see this test-transaction.

Registration completed. You’re now ready to connect DATEV Unternehmen Online.

Connect your Finom account with DATEV Unternehmen Online.

Before you continue with setting up the connection, please ensure that:

You are fully set up with DUO (your tax accountant can help you). You have a SmartLogin/ SmartCard, or mIdentity at hand.

You can log in to DUO on duo.datev.de.

Your tax accountant can help you with these requirements if you are not fully set up.

Add your Finom account

Once you’re logged into DUO, add your Finom account:

  1. Click on "Bank" to add a new bank account.

2. Click on "Bankkonto hinzufügen".

Create Stammdaten.

Now enter the account details of your Finom account.

  1. Click on “Hinzufügen” which saves the bank data in the “Stammdaten”.

2. Click on “Einstellungen Zahlungsverkehr”.

In case you have multiple accounts (sub-accounts) with us, you’ll need to add these individually.

Create a new connection.

Now select the newly added bank account and select HBCI-Zugang. Then click on "Neu / Hinzufügen".

Connect DUO via finAPI. You'll be informed that you'll leave DUO to connect your bank account via finAPI. Hit "Weiter" to continue.

Then please assign a username for your access.

Select Schnittstelle. Please select Access to Account (XS2A) Schnittstelle.

Initiate connection to Finom via my.solarisbank. A new screen will open. Enter your Finom IBAN twice as shown on the screenshot. Then click on “Bankdaten abrufen”.

Login to my.solarisbank.

Login with my.solarisbank credentials that you set up earlier.

Grant access. Check the IBAN and grant finAPI permission to access the details, transactions, and details of your Finom account. You can revoke access at any time.

Tan confirmation. You’ll be asked to confirm with a TAN.

After confirmation, you will see the following screen:

Back to DUO. You’ll be redirected back to DUO.

Connection established. Now you'll be redirected back to DUO, where you'll see your Finom account listed.

Bank account added to DUO.

You successfully added your Finom account to DATEV.

In the next step, you'll learn how to initiate synchronization.

Synchronize Your Finom Transaction Data Into DUO.

Activate “Umsatzabholung” (synchronization of transaction data).

Click on “Unternehmensangaben” in the menu on the left. Choose the account you want to synchronize. Under “settings” you can see the tab “Umsatzabholung”. Select manual “Abholung” (sync) of your transaction data in the dropdown menu. Confirm your choice by clicking “Übernehmen”.

Initiate Synchronization.

Go back to the overview page “Startseite Bank” to start synchronizing your data.

In the section “Bankkonto” you can see that your bank details have been added, but no transaction data has been transferred.

To update your transaction data, click on the “update” button in the middle, next to your bank account.

Your data is now being transferred also to DUO.

Get Transaction Data From Bank Account.

Click on “Kontoumsätze prüfen” and check the “Auftraggeber-Bankverbindung” (your account details) and the username next to “Auszüge abholen”.

Click on “Kontoumsätze holen” to start synchronizing your transaction data.

Your transaction data has been successfully synchronized. You can now check the details on your transactions overview.

Should you have any questions about connecting your Finom account to DATEV Unternehmen Online, please feel free to contact us. We will guide through the process step by step!

The process of connection has been updated lately. Now you can start the integration directly from your service - you should be ready to log in to Finom and require a mobile phone for a confirmation. All current connections would not be deactivated.

In your profile, open the menu that you will find on the main page under your company name in the upper-right corner and click on the "Integrations & Offers" section.

Then select the integration you want to link to your account from the list of integrations:

Then click on the "How to connect" button in the pop-up window.

Next, simply follow the steps on this page to set up the integration. When you have finished, a message will be displayed indicating that the integration has been successfully set up.

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