If you want to download the transaction statement, and do a bulk export for all reconciled documents, you can do it by clicking on "Export & statement" in the money section of your account.

As soon as you click on "Export & statement" you will see this page:

Select the type of document you would like to export:

  1. Payments If you click on the payments' checkbox, you will only download the transaction statements

  2. Documents If you click on the documents' checkbox, you will download all the documents uploaded with reconciliation, such as invoices, receipts, contracts etc.

If you select both the checkboxes, you will download all the documents, and the payment statements you have in your account.

NB: Available formats and type of documents may vary based on the country of your company.

Select the period of time and wallet:

Now you have to select:

  1. Period By selecting the period, you will get all the transactions, or documents uploaded and created in that specific period of time.

  2. Wallet By clicking on the wallet field, you can export information about transactions and related documents for all your wallets, or for just one of them.

Select the format of your statement

You're almost there! Now you have to select the format in which you want to download your transactions and documents:

  1. PDF: includes all main information about transactions, and useful for a quick finance review.

  2. CSV: you can download the simplified version that may be imported to the most popular accounting software (Lexoffice, Debitoor, etc.), or you can download a full CSV-file with the detailed information about your transactions.

More formats are coming soon 🙂

Note: the document section includes all the documents you have created in Finom, or uploaded here manually. If you choose "Invoices", then you will export not only the invoices created with Finom, but also all the invoices that you have in your profile.

Now you are ready to download your files. Click on the red button "Download" to start the export, or use "Send data" to send them to your accountant or team members!

The data will be safely downloaded in a one .zip file, ready to be used at your convenience.

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