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How to connect my Finom account with sevDesk?
How to connect my Finom account with sevDesk?
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Quick and easy via our sevDesk integration!

According to PSD2, you can grant third-party applications access to your transaction data.

To do this for your Finom transaction data, you must first register with your solarisBank details to "claim" your bank account.

Once you have completed this registration, you can use your login details to connect to many third-party applications and accounting tools.

The whole process should take about 15-20 minutes. All you need is your Finom IBAN and your registered mobile phone. Here, you can find out step by step how to connect your account to sevDesk Online:

  1. Set up log-in data.

  2. Connect Finom account with sevDesk.

Set up login data

Register here for

Navigate to and click on "Register". You only need to register once. You can then use these login details to connect to all available third-party providers.

Enter your email address and phone number and click on "Register".

Verify my.solarisbank account

You will receive an email from solarisBank with the temporary login and the next instructions to log in and create a new password:

Connect Finom account

After registering, link your my.solarisBank account with your Finom IBAN and the mobile phone number linked to your account in Finom:

Verification via TAN (Transaction authentication number)

For the security of your Finom account, there is a 2-step authentication procedure. You confirm your request to connect your account to my.solarisBank with a TAN. You will receive a message on your phone with the TAN, which you enter on the next screen:

Verify your Finom account

Make sure that you have access to the account. To do this, enter the code that appears in the description of the €0.00 test transaction of solarisBank. The transaction usually arrives within a few minutes. Please note that you will not see this transaction on your dashboard, but only on your account statement. We recommend that you wait a short time and then download the account statement for the current month, where you will see this test transaction.

Registration completed

You are now ready to connect to sevDesk Online.

Connect your Finom account with sevDesk Online

Before you start setting up, please make sure that you

  1. you have completely set up sevDesk

  2. you have your my.solarisBank log-in details ready

Create payment account log in to sevDesk and navigate to the menu "Payments".

You can link your bank account under "Create payment account". Search for "solarisBank" in the search window and select it.

You will be redirected to the interface partner finAPI, which will establish the connection between your Finom account and sevDesk.

Retrieve bank details

In the next step, a window opens in which you can enter your Finom data to retrieve your bank details. Click on "Retrieve bank data" to confirm your Click on "Retrieve bank data" to confirm your entry.

You will now be automatically redirected to my.solarisbank.

Now log in with your access details that you created in the first steps. To create the link between sevDesk and Finom, click on "Allow" to grant sevDesk access to Finom. However, you can revoke this access at any time.

You will receive a TAN number via smsTAN on your already registered mobile phone. Enter this number in the window and then click on "Continue". As confirmation of your entries, you will receive an order confirmation and will be automatically forwarded to sevDesk.

You have now successfully connected sevDesk to your Finom account. From now on, your transactions will be synchronized daily.

If you need any clarification about connecting your Finom account to sevDesk, please contact us. We will guide you through the process step by step!

The process of connection has been updated lately. Now you can start the integration directly from your service - you should be ready to log in to Finom and require a mobile phone for a confirmation. All current connections would not be deactivated.

In your profile, open the menu that you will find on the main page under your company name in the upper-right corner and click on the "Integrations & Offers" section.

Then select the integration you want to link to your account from the list of integrations:

Then click on the "How to connect" button in the pop-up window.

Next, simply follow the steps on this page to set up the integration. When you have finished, a message will be displayed indicating that the integration has been successfully set up.

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