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According to PSD2, you can give third party applications access to your transaction data.

To do this for your Finom transaction data, you must first register with your SolarisBank credentials to "claim" your bank account.

Once you have completed this registration, you can use your credentials to connect to many third-party applications and accounting tools.

The whole process should take about 15-20 minutes. All you need is your Finom IBAN and your registered mobile phone. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to connect your account to Sorted Online:

  1. set up my.solarisbank.de login data.

  2. connect your Finom account with Sorted.

Set up my.solarisbank.com login data.

Register for my.solarisbank.de

Navigate to my.solarisbank.de and click on "Register".

You only need to register once. Afterwards, you can use these login details to connect to all available third-party providers.

Enter your email address and phone number and click on "Register".

verify my solarisbank account.

You will receive an email from solarisBank with the temporary login and the next instructions to log in and create a new password:

Connect Finom account

After registering, connect your my.solarisBank account with your Finom IBAN and the mobile phone number linked to your account in Finom:

Verification via TAN.

For the security of your Finom account, there is a 2-step authentication procedure. You confirm your intention to connect your account to my.solarisBank with a TAN. You will receive a message on your phone with the TAN, which you enter on the next screen:

Verify your Finom account.

Now make sure that you can access your account. To do this, enter the code that appears in the description of the €0.00 test transaction from SolarisBank. The transaction usually arrives within a few minutes. **Please note that you will not see this transaction on your dashboard, but only on your account statement. We therefore recommend that you wait a short time and then download the account statement for the current month, where you will see this test transaction.

Registration completed

You are now ready to connect to Sorted Online.

Connect your Finom account to Sorted.

Before you start setting up, please make sure that you

  1. have completely set up Sorted

  2. have your my.solarisBank access data.

Log in to Sorted

Log in to Sorted with your access data.

Then click on your initials on the bar on the left and navigate to the "Bank accounts" section.

Click on the "Link your bank account" button.

Enter "FINOM" in the search box, select "Business bank account" and then click the "Continue" button to confirm.

A new window will now open to retrieve your bank details via our partner SaltEdge. Enter your Finom data and click on "Proceed".

Confirm that you are the owner of the account by selecting "Personal" under the options and clicking on "Proceed".

And finally, tick the box and click "Confirm" to continue.

You will now be redirected to my.solarisbank. Please log in here with your my.solarisbank access data that you created in the previous steps.

Click “Allow” the button to confirm the access. You can revoke access at any time if needed.

You will receive a TAN number via smsTAN on your already registered mobile phone. Enter this number in the window and then click on "Continue". As confirmation of your entries, you will receive an order confirmation and will be automatically forwarded to Sorted.

Super! You have successfully connected your Finom account to Sorted.

If you have any questions about connecting your Finom account to Sorted, please contact us. We will guide you through the process step by step!

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