We have implemented a feature that will help your customers make a payment directly from the invoice page. Simply activate it, and receive invoice payments from your customers up to 35% faster. 🚀

In this short guide, we'll explain how to enable this option, and why it's easy and convenient for your customers.

How can your customers make a payment directly from the invoice page?

After you have created an invoice, you can send it to your customer in the most convenient way:

  • Send it by email.

  • Share a link to the invoice using Facebook or instant messenger.

  • Or, simply copy the direct link and send it to your customer using your preferred method.

    1. The customer then goes to the invoice page from the letter or via the direct link that you sent them. From here, they can see the details of the invoice, and have the option to either download the invoice, mark it as paid, or choose to pay the invoice right from this page.

2. In order to pay the invoice, the customer will need to click on the "Pay now" button. After clicking, they will see a pop-up banner with security statements, and then they need to click on the button "Select my bank". The payment will be sent to the specified IBAN in the invoice.

3. A list of banks will then appear from the dropdown, and the customer needs to select the bank they wish to make the payment from.

4. Next they will need to enter their login and password from their chosen bank to start the session.

5. Once logged in, in order to send a payment for the invoice amount, the customer needs to confirm and authorise the payment.

6. If the payment is successful, the customer will see a pop-up banner confirming the payment has been sent successfully.

How do I enable the "Fast invoice payments" add-on responsible for this feature?

Now, this feature is completely free of charge!

1. To enable, go to the "Plan and limits section" from your main dashboard. Then click the "Activate" button, and the function will then be enabled.

2. Also, you can enable the function directly on the invoice page, by clicking the "Activate for free" button.

Congratulations! After enabling the function, all your issued invoices can be paid quickly and directly on the invoice page via the "Pay now" button 🙌 .

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