If you have created XML files from other services or tools, in this article we will explain to you how you can import them to FINOM.

From your main dashboard, click on your name located on the top right side, and select "Import data to FINOM" from the dropdown list.

In the Migration tool page, select the option "Import invoice data".

Next, you have to click on the blue square to start uploading the documents. By clicking on the square, a window on your PC will open, and you will have the possibility to select the files you want to upload to FINOM.

Once the documents are uploaded, click on the red button to continue.

Here, you can double-check the files and elements you want to import. You can select between invoices (outgoing and incoming), contacts, and products by changing tabs.

If you decide to import invoices, please note:

  1. If the Due date is before or equal to the current date, the default status is Paid

  2. If the Due date is after the current date, the default status is Not shared for outgoing, Not paid for incoming

Once all the parameters are set, click on "Import selected data" to start the upload.

Your XML are now uploaded to FINOM! Click on "Great" to continue.

The XML files you have uploaded have now been successfully updated to your dashboard.

If you click on the uploaded invoice on the top right side of your screen, you'll see the "uploaded" status.

Once the invoices are uploaded to FINOM you can mark them as paid, send the invoices via email, download the PDF and do all the actions that you can regularly do with FINOM.

Remember: if the invoices you have uploaded to FINOM were already sent electronically and successfully delivered, then avoid sending them again with FINOM, as they will be rejected by the SDI.

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