Yes! The recognition feature will be also available on your mobile app. In order to start collecting your documents before sending them to recognition, find the yellow banner in the app with the dedicated email address that we have created for you in order to collect your document easily.

To start collecting your documents, you (or your suppliers) will have to add this dedicated email address either as cc or as recipient of the email directly from your inbox. You then send this as a regular email.

All the incoming documents can be found in the “Documents” section of your app. If you have any unreviewed documents, the app will show you the number that still need to be reviewed. Click on the “unreviewed documents” banner to check the documents.

The list of unreviewed documents will open. Click on the document you want to review.

To send your document to recognition, click on the document and then on the option ”Send to recognition” in the blue box as shown below.

Your document will be sent to recognition and you’ll see the status “Recognition in progress”. We will notify you as soon as your document has been processed and successfully added to your dashboard.

Collecting documents to send for recognition can be also done manually. To upload a document manually, you will need to attach the document directly to a transaction.

This is a very useful feature if, for example, you bought something in a shop and you wish to store the receipt right away.

From your main dashboard, click on the transaction you want to upload the document for. Then click on the blue button, “Attach document”.

Select the type of document you want to attach from the list.

Now choose how you want to upload the document.

  1. You can choose to take a photo of the documents (make sure to give the FINOM app access to your camera)

  2. Select add from the library

  3. Choose the correct files from your phone

As soon as you’ve selected the type of document and initiated the upload, you’ll be invited to send the document to recognition by clicking on the blue button “Send to recognition”.

Once you have sent the document to recognition, you’ll see the status “Recognition in progress”.

If the document you have sent for recognition passes successfully, it will then be added to your FINOM dashboard🎉

The document can be downloaded, deleted or edited by clicking on the button with the three dots.

If this is an invoice you have received, you can decide to pay it immediately using the "Pay now" feature button displayed below. You can also use the "Add payment" feature to attach the document to any other transaction.

If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to contact us via email at [email protected] or via our in-app chat.

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