If you want to know how to send documents to recognition with our FINOM app, please refer to this article:

Using the recognition feature via the Finom app

Thanks to our recognition feature, you can now upload documents (including invoices and receipts) to FINOM and have them automatically recognized and validated.

To send your documents to recognition, you can upload your documents manually, or you can choose to receive them directly within FINOM, by simply using a dedicated email address we've created for you.

The types of documents you can upload are:

  • PDFs

  • DOC/DOCx

  • Images

Please note: the maximum size of the file should be 10 MB

How to upload your documents via email

Under Document collection, you will find a dedicated email address that we have created for you to collect your document easily.

To start collecting your documents, you, or your suppliers, will have to add this dedicated email address either in cc or as the recipient of the email directly from your inbox. You then send it as a regular email.

Once the email has been sent, there will be a pop-up message advising you that there are some documents to review.

To start reviewing the documents and send them to recognition, click on the gray alert as shown below.

How to upload your documents manually:

If you want to upload your document manually, you simply need to click on the button "Upload" located in the top-right, of the "Documents" section.

On this page, click on the box "Upload files" on the left.

A window will then open, and here you can choose the type of document you want to upload directly from your device.

In this pop-up window, you can check once again the files you've uploaded and decide if you would like to send them directly to the recognition. Click on the blue button, “Upload and recognize” to proceed. If you would like to deactivate automatic recognition, click on the blue toggle close to “Send to recognition”. Once it has become gray, you can upload the documents without recognition.

NB: You can try our recognition feature for free. Send 8 documents for the recognition free of charge. Then recognition of each document will cost 1,00 €.

All the uploaded documents not sent directly to recognition can be found on the "Upload" page. By clicking on the document, you will be redirected to the review page.

To send the document to recognition, click on the blue button "Send to recognition".

You can also use the blue button, "Send to recognition" directly from the list.

Once the document is transmitted, you will find the status "Recognition in progress".

Once the recognition is done, you will find the note saying the document was saved, with the link directly to the document created in FINOM.

Great! Your document has been successfully added, and you can find it in the dashboard! 🎉

If this is an invoice you have received, you can choose to pay it immediately using the "Pay now" feature button displayed below. You can also use the "Add payment" feature to attach the document to any other transaction.

The document can be downloaded, deleted or edited, by clicking on the button with the three dots.

If you want to avoid using the recognition feature, check this article to learn how to use our collection features to upload your documents.

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