Opening a business account with FINOM consists of 3 stages:

Stage 1: Checking business details

Stage 2: Reviewing Conditions

Stage 3: Verifying identities

There is no need to open each of these stages separately. Instead, you will be redirected to the next one automatically as soon as the previous one is completed.

When completing each stage, you will always be given the opportunity to go back to the previous section at any time during the process if you need to edit or amend some information.

Stage 1

1. Start with creating your account with FINOM. For a detailed guide please check the article: I’m in Italy - I’m a Freelancer - Sign in & sign Up.

2.Once finished with the Sign Up process, you’ll see our FINOMenality screen that offers you the option to open your business account.

2a. If you have closed this screen previously, you will see a button labelled “Check business details” on your main dashboard. Please click on it to proceed.

3. On the next screen we will ask you to provide more details about your business, like your VAT number and your fiscal code. You will also be asked to specify if you are a taxpayer or a citizen of the US and if any of your family members or a close associates are political or public figures. Once done, press “Continue”.

4. On the next step please add more information about your business: your ATECO code, the source of your income and the purpose of this business account. Please also specify if you plan to make transfers outside of Italy. Once ready, please press “Continue”.

Stage 2.

1. Please select your tariff plan. To see more options, please press on “Change plan”. Once chosen, click on “Continue”.

2. On the next screen you will have to accept our “Terms and Conditions”. Please tick all the checkboxes and then click on “Agree and Accept”.

Stage 3

1. To comply with all relevant regulations, we need to ensure your personal information is correct. The fields will be filled in automatically, please check if the information is correct and then press “Continue”.

2. Add your registration address (Indirizzo di residenza) and then press “Continue”. If your living address is different from your registration address, then deselect the option above the “Continue” button and add the living address.

3. You will receive an SMS with a code in order to confirm your mobile number. Please enter the code into the box shown.

4.The rest of the verification is done in the mobile app. In order to proceed, you need to download the app using the link received in an SMS. If you have not received the link, click on “I have not received the link” and you will be given a QR code to download the app.

5. Once the App is downloaded, open it. You will be redirected to the page you can see on the screenshot below where you can click on “Finish the application”.

6. On the next screen, you will have to confirm that you are willingly opening an account with FINOM by ticking the checkbox. After this, select “Confirm and Start”.

7. Before starting the next step (ID verification process), you will have to allow access to your location and your camera. Once ready, press “Next”.

8. Choose the document type you would like to use for your ID verification. You can choose between electronic ID card, paper ID or passport. Then tap “Next”.

9. Take a picture of the front of your document. Check if the quality of the picture is okay and the data on your ID is readable, then press “Confirm”.

10. Next, take a picture of your document at an angle. Make sure that the holographic parts of your ID are visible.

11. Scan the back of your ID.

12. Your ID Number and expiration date will be filled automatically following the scan, but make sure to check if they are correct. Select the issue date of your document and press “Continue”.

13.Next up, you will have to take a selfie. Please follow the instructions carefully and turn your face to the right and to the left. Once the selfie is taken press “Confirm” and then on the next screen press “Continue” again.

14. In the next step we will ask you to sign the application using an OTP code sent to your phone. Tap on “Send code to sign”.

15. Enter the code and press “Sign and Submit”.

16. Once done, you will be redirected back to the main dashboard. Meanwhile your application is sent to our partner bank Solaris for a review. The review of the application might take up to 5 business days, but we will notify you once your account is opened!

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