The FINOM business account offers many services that traditional banks do not usually offer. In addition to the most innovative, such as the automatic reconciliation of payments with invoices or the possibility of creating wallets (sub-accounts), FINOM also guarantees the basic services of a traditional bank, such as: the ability to send and receive SEPA transfers, physical (or virtual) cards, direct debits, etc.

The main difference between FINOM and a traditional bank is that FINOM does not offer credit. With the FINOM business account it is not possible to order or receive a credit card, apply for loans, or obtain loans.

Also, it is not currently possible to make local payments such as F24, PagoPA, Riba and Cbill. We are working on this feature and plan to implement it in the future!🙂

In any case, you will be able to use our account for all the management of your daily receipts and payments, without missing a single piece of information and keeping everything sorted in one place.

If you have any doubts or questions, need help, or have any suggestions for us, write us at [email protected], or via chat on our site.

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