If you wish to hide or show certain information about your business in the PDF copy of your invoice, you can do it in two simple ways:

  1. From the data section of your company while creating the invoice

  2. From the Preview & Customise section

1. If you are creating a new invoice or editing an existing one, click the Edit button below your information as shown below.

From the pop-up window that will appear, you can show or hide your data by clicking on the eye icon next to each field.

Let’s give an example: if you wish to hide your tax code from the invoice, click on the eye icon and you will see it slashed.

Remember to save your changes by clicking on the Save button below.

Well done! You’ve just edited the visibility of your data before sending the document.

2. By clicking on the Preview & Customise button you can also change the visibility of your data.

You will be taken to the Preview & Customise page. Once here, click on the blue button labelled Visibility settings.

You will see this popup window (shown below) with the eye icons to adjust your visibility settings.

After saving your changes, the visibility settings will be automatically applied to all your future invoices.

If you wish to know more about how to personalise your invoice, check out our article here.

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