From July 1st, the businesses in Italy that receive invoices from foreign counterparties must send self-invoices to the Interchange system (SDI). As FINOM is registered in Netherlands, the invoices received from us should be sent as self-invoices to the SDI.

The good news is, we will do it automatically on your behalf. The self-invoice will be automatically dispatched to the SDI. You can check the status of the self-invoice in the History section.

This function will be enabled automatically once electronic invoice for your account is activated. If not, you will have the ability to switch it on in settings.

How to switch on/off auto-dispatching of self-invoices?

Click on the name of your company in the top right corner and choose “Settings” from a drop-down menu.

Then choose “Invoicing options” tab on the left.

Find the toggle “Self-invoices auto-dispatch” a click on it. The function will be enabled when the toggle will have become blue.

You can also switch off the auto-dispatching by clicking on the same toggle.

In case you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Care team via live-chat or at [email protected].

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