As you have a business wallet (IBAN for Business) with FINOM, there is a virtual card connected to this main wallet. All your card transactions will be debited from this business wallet and your payments, transfers, and direct debits for business purposes are also within this wallet. So please leave a certain budget for business expenditure.

If you need to separate the business expenses from the other ones, you are able to open a separate wallet.

Here are some advantages of doing this:

  • Start spending your money for other expenses with the card and receive 2% - 3% VISA Cashback on every purchase. Get the Cashback credited to your balance at the end of the month

  • Better overview, clarity, and transparency for you and your accountant (e.g. one wallet for “private account”, “taxes”, “salaries”, “investments”)

  • Free of charge in your tariff

  • Allocate a budget for other expenses each month and transfer it in between wallets in a few seconds

1. How to open another wallet with FINOM:

1. From your main dashboard, you will see the button "Create new wallet" just below your account balance.

2. Next, you will be asked to enter a name for the new wallet. Once entered the name, click on the "Create wallet" button to proceed.

3. To confirm the creation of your new wallet, you will be provided with a code in your mobile application.

If you don't have access to the mobile application, simply click on the text displayed below and choose an alternative way to confirm instead.

4. After you confirm the code, your new wallet will be created. Now you can download or copy the details relating to this specific wallet, and then proceed to the main page by clicking on the button "Go to wallet page".

2. After the new wallet has been opened, you can attach a second virtual card to this wallet or order the physical card for it (note: only one physical card per user).

3. Order another virtual or physical VISA card for the other expenses (included in your tariff plan) and connect it to the new wallet.

4. Use this card for common supermarket purchases, online shopping, petrol, restaurants, leisure purchases and get more Cashback - Cashback is available per payment account, therefore it does not matter what wallet or card you are using since all Cashback goes back to the same reward wallet anyway.

Try making these changes to your business model now.

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