Yes! With Finom you can create invoices and collect documents in a currency other than the euro.

To change the currency of the invoice, just open the invoice you would like to amend, and find the field “Currency” in the top right-hand corner.

Select one of the available currencies from a drop-down list.

Perfect, you have now switched the currency of your invoice.

Things to note:

  • When you switch the currency of your invoice, only the currency symbol in your invoice will be amended. The net price and total amount will not be converted to the chosen currency, so you should convert it manually.

  • If your client receives an invoice in a currency different from euros, the “Pay now” button on the invoice page will be automatically deactivated.

Documents collection

To change the currency of the collected documents open “Documents collection” and click on the invoice you would like to amend. Then click on the button with 3 dots and chose “Edit”.

On the document review page find the “Currency” field and amend the same way you did in the invoice.

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