You can order a plastic card in just 7 steps.

Step 1. Navigate to the Card section on the left top side of your main dashboard. Click on it to open the next page.

Step 2. In this section, you will see a card that has already been created from when you first opened your account. To order a new card, click on the field "New physical or virtual card".

Note: In the field to the right you can find information on the total number of cards you can order, that are provided in the tariff you have chosen.

Step 3. You will then be given the option to order either a physical or virtual card. Select the option "Order physical card".

Step 4. You will then be asked to select the linked wallet. Once completed, click on "Continue".

Note: Card limits are set by default for the tariff plan.

Step 5. You will then be asked to confirm the delivery address. You can select a business address or a private address for card delivery. By default, the personal address is selected.

Step 6. Next, you will then be asked to set up a PIN code. Once created, click on "Order card". Note: it is important to remember the pin code. You will need it when activating your card after it has been received.

Step 7. You will then be prompted to enter a confirmation code that will be sent to your phone (or within your mobile app) to confirm the action.

Once confirmed, your physical card has been ordered. Wait for delivery. Usually, it takes 5 to 10 working days. After you receive the card, follow the instructions to activate it.

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