To check all the details about your plan, log in to your main dashboard, and click on your business name in the top-right corner of the screen, then click on "Plan and limits" from the dropdown list.

To switch your plan from monthly to annual, click on the blue button "Switch to annual plan".

Before you confirm, take some time to read the important information regarding this change:

The change will be immediate. If you've already paid for the month, the price of your early plan will be prorated.

Moreover, the payment amount for your annual plan will be taken at the end of the month, from your main wallet.

After clicking on "Confirm" you will be asked to insert the code we will send you through the Finom app.

If the code is correct, the window will close, and you won't need to do any further action. Your plan will be changed!

If you want to know more about how and when you need to pay for your subscription, check this article.

You can always switch from annual plan to monthly by going into your "Plan and limits" section and then clicking on "switch to monthly plan". You will only have to insert the code you will get through our Finom app to confirm the change.

The plan will change to monthly when the annual subscription will expire.

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