If you've made or received a payment with FINOM, you also have the option to attach additional useful documents to your transaction.

To do this, select the transaction you want from the History section on your main dashboard.

This will take you to the transaction page, and to start adding a document, click on the blue button "Attach document", as shown below.

You will then be presented with two options:

  1. Upload a document.

  2. Create a new invoice.

If you click on "create a new invoice", you will automatically be redirected to the invoice's creation page. If you want to learn more about how to create an invoice, please read this article.

Alternatively, if you choose "upload document", you will be given the opportunity to upload a file from your computer. Once you will have selected the file you want to upload, you will need to add the details about that file. Select the file type, add the name, and edit the amount and issue date according to your needs. Then click the "Save" button, as shown below.

The document will be stored in the "Attached documents" widget. If you need to review it, just select it from here.

Every attached document can also be deleted. To do this, click on the three dots at the top right of the "attached documents" section, and then "Remove document".

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