In this article we've already explained to you how to tag a particular transaction. Now we will tell you how to manage the tags you've already created.

First, click on the transaction from your main dashboard.

Now you're in the transaction page, from here click on "Add tag".

A dropdown list of tags will then appear. Here, click on the blue option "manage tags".

In the manage tags window, you will see that all the tags are now displayed.

In the column "active" you can check how many times a tag has been used, while in the column "created" you can check if a tag was pre-added, or the date in which the tag was created.

You can use the search box to find a specific tag, or to create a new one. To create a new tag type the title and then click on the blue button " + create tag".

The tag will be created immediately, and you will have the option to edit, by clicking on the pen symbol, or to delete it by clicking on the bin icon.

The new tag will be added on the main list. The tags created by you are the only ones that you can edit or delete.

When you have finished with tags, you don't need to save, you can close the window by clicking on the "X" sign at the top right, and continue using Finom!

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